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Poor customer experience shown to lose businesses money

New research has revealed that approximately £12bn is lost every year because businesses provide consumers with poor service and infuriated customers move elsewhere.  Customer service is becoming more important than ever before, with consumers quick to switch if they do not get the service they expect.  Now, the new data has shown that call centres must take consumer experience seriously.

In the latest survey, it was found that half of consumers in the UK will move their business elsewhere if they receive poor service.  Ninety-two percent of people have moved companies at least once during the past 12 months, whilst 49% are put off calling telephone answering services because they do not want to end up being placed in a queue.  This means that their problem is often not solved and they end up switching companies without even having talked to current providers.

Jonathan Gale, a customer services expert, said: “Customers have a stronger influence on a business’s success than ever before and it’s surprising how many organisations still aren’t getting it right.  Customer experience is a key differentiator.  By doing it well, organisations can drive the customer acquisition, retention and efficiency that make leading companies successful.”

The latest research is vital for companies across the UK to take heed of, and needs to be taken under advisement if better experiences are to be offered to consumers so that they remain loyal.

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