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Pool metrics to create performance scale for call centre improvement

Improving call centre quality is vital when consumers are looking for better care than ever. However, it can often be difficult to decide which key metric to focus on improving. However, by pooling all metrics, telephone answering services executives can create one figure to easily track. Creating this metric also helps employees increase performance on their own terms without outside encouragement.

Known as the Authentic Core Linkage (ACL), the overall metric is measured from key factors such as customer feedback and quality scores, productivity, sickness periods, schedule adherence and call outcome achievement. Depending on how important these factors are to call centres, they can be weighted accordingly. For example, if customer feedback scores are the top priority, they would be given a 10-point weight, whilst sickness might only be given a 4-point weight. This can then be measured against the actual agent scores and a percentage ACL can be gained.

The ACL score offers everyone working in a call centre a figure of effectiveness, providing one simple percentage of how well employees are doing. Over time, the metric will begin to influence workers into making important decisions to higher the score and increase overall performance. The ACL should, therefore, not be thought of as a management metric, but as a way of guiding agents towards the right decisions, helping companies to offer better customer service than ever.

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