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Police call centres to streamline for West Midlands police

The West Midlands police department have used call centres for several years.  They have a new target to reduce their costs by 126 million pounds in the next four years.  They currently have 12 sites where they have call centres but it is possible to streamline their call centres by combining some of the hubs into one and, therefore, lowering overhead costs while retaining the telephone answering services they need.

This example of one “company” that uses call centres but is looking to streamline in order to reduce business costs can help you determine what you might need to do, even if you are just beginning to search for a call centre.  Contact centres are very helpful.  You have a number of them to choose from such as those located in India, South Africa, Philippines, China and the UK.  The first choice you have to make when you have a contact centre (or are looking to select one) is whether you can get the services you require from your chosen call centre.

If you currently have a contract with one centre and, in an effort to reduce costs, cannot lower the amount of people that answer your calls, you might need to switch to a company that is better sized for your needs.

Furthermore, with virtual offices and virtual assistants you might want to change what options you use to answer phone calls for your company.  Any company just beginning, which has low cash funds, may find a virtual call centre is more affordable while keeping the appropriate level of customer service.

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