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Playtime can boost office productivity

Smiley FaceIn the past, many businesses have been set on ensuring their workplaces are hives of focus and productivity. However, new research has shown that those injecting a little fun into the office can see positive returns. This is something that call centres might like to consider when looking for new ways to boost efficiency.

The “It Pays to Play” study by Bright HR shows that youngsters who have fun at work are less likely to call in sick. In addition, they’re more productive and work harder overall. In a ranking of the most exciting activities it was shown that 25 per cent of respondents enjoy a dress-down Friday event, whilst office parties were mentioned by 21 per cent of people. Third, fourth and fifth places went to having a pool table, an office pet and well-being massage days, with 19 per cent, 18 per cent and 17 per cent respectively.

Data from the survey showed that 62 per cent of those who have fun at work did not take any sick days for at least three months. Conversely, 58 per cent of those who hadn’t enjoyed workplace fun had called in sick for 11 days or more, compared to 42 per cent of people who had enjoyed playtime.

Paul Tooth, Bright HR’s chief executive, said: “Trust is key in all this. If people are trusted to do their work and feel empowered to play and have fun in the workplace, a business can benefit from a more happy, motivated and productive workforce.” Injecting some fun into the workplace is something that telephone answering services might like to implement in 2016.

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