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Philippines Call Centres Quietly Growing

Back office, IT and call centres are growing rapidly in the Philippines.
When most of us think about call centre outsourcing, we think of India. In more recent years we may have considered China, yet there are many countries growing more rapidly. The Philippines outsourcing centres continue to grow strong and will do so over the next five years, according to Alfredo Ayala, chief of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines. He stated things may slow down a little, but they are still going to see double-digit growth numbers. By 2016 the country is expecting outsourcing to have grown to $20 billion (USD). This equates to 15% each year. Right now the Philippines has 7% of the global outsourcing market. This is actually more than India’s 5.1%.
The telephone answering services in the Philippines have English-speaking staff members, who are expected to total around 900,000 in the next five years. This makes the country more likely to grow than other countries that use English as a second language. Besides call centres, the Philippines has a huge section of industry in the IT, health care and legal arena.
For new companies looking to save a little revenue on outsourcing to call centres, it is worth a look to see how India, China and the UK can compare to the Philippines. You may find they offer better customer service staff for call centres, or you may be happier with an in country option. It all depends on what you are looking for.

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