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Philippine Airlines may Outsource to Survive

Outsourcing is available in just about any industry, even airlines where flights may have to be outsourced through a re-fleeting option.

According to Philippine Airlines (PAL) they are working to upgrade their fleet in order to expand operations. They are also going to have to outsource ground handling, call centre services, and catering in order to keep alive in the Asian market. Philippine Airlines is one of the smallest airlines in the Asian market, despite it being the oldest Asian airline.

They want to be able to bring down their costs and improve their prices for consumers. The only way to do that is by outsourcing telephone answering services, ground crew positions and catering. With these three options outsourced they can afford to lower costs and be more competitive in the current market.

The president of the airlines did not specify their plans regarding new aircraft purchases, but did mention there is a potential for adding to their fleet. By re-fleeting they can afford to have more domestic and overseas routes. Planes need to be changed after a certain amount of flights. To see further growth in the coming years, such as the next ten, new airplanes are a must. Cebu Air is one of the more recent airline companies that outsourced and re-fleeted by purchasing 37 Airbus-style planes.

PAL has numerous Boeing 777 and 747 series. The 777s arrived in 2009, so those planes do not need to be replaced by Philippine Airlines any time soon.

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