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Personalising customer interaction is extremely important

Customer ServiceFew things are worse than contacting a company only to have their staff seem less than interested in helping. This is something that call centres must avoid at all costs. In fact, sometimes agents are not disinterested; the problem is that they are not able to use tools that personalise calls, resulting in a lukewarm and impersonal conversation with consumers.

For telephone answering services that want to work on their customer interactions, there are many ways to personalise consumer experiences. First, it is essential to keep a profile of customers. By being able to look at someone’s history, agents have the chance to personalise calls. This might include asking whether a previous problem was fully resolved or wishing them a happy birthday if the time is right. These extras aren’t required for business, but they put a positive spin on consumer engagement and increase both branding and loyalty.

It is extremely important for modern call centres to throw out rigid scripts and provide agents with prompts instead. This allows staff to develop their own patter that sounds natural and convincing instead of trying to regurgitate the exact words of a script. By providing a flowchart of important points, conversations can be steered in the right direction naturally.

Personalisation is key for modern businesses wanting to gain a great consumer base. By making the effort to befriend consumers, everyone can benefit.

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