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Personalised services are essential for call centres

Recent studies have shown that consumers who engage with personalised content have a deeper relationship with the brands they use. This means that content marketing has to change, and a higher priority should be placed on personalisation. In the call centre, this means bringing the human touch back to digital communication, with telephone answering services needing to personalise channels such as web chat and email.

Many call centres utilising web chat do so in a bid to engage with website browsers and encourage customers to make a purchase. This proactive targeting can be very effective when used correctly. However, with communication needing to be personalised, it is vital that agents are not simply cutting and pasting pre-formatted responses that bear no resemblance to normal human chat. From texts and web chat to email and social network responses, building a personal profile is key if the right consumers are to be attracted.

One great way to achieve this is by utilising the cloud, with many applications available to businesses to help them gain real-time data and interact with consumers in the right way. Call centres can bolster their existing software by utilising cloud solutions to engage with customers and gather important data at the same time. For companies that want to ensure that their communication with customers is done positively, remembering to personalise responses is essential in the modern era.

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