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Personal assistant chatbot available on leading Aspect Software platforms

Internet of Things 22Aspect Software has revealed that its personal assistant, Aspect Mila, will be available across the firm’s leading messaging and workforce collaboration platforms, including Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams and Slack. As a result, call centres agents using Aspect Software tools will be able to trade shifts, request time off and view schedules via the automated self-service personal assistant.

Aspect Mila seeks to simplify everyday tasks, many of which are an ongoing challenge for thousands of telephone answering services around the world. At the same time, the assistant helps firms reduce the burden of schedule management. For example, managers will no longer have to spend precious time dealing with shift swap or leave requests; agents will be able to handle this from within Slack thanks to Mila.

Aspect’s Workforce Optimisation Team’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mike Bourke, said: “The integration of Aspect Mila with commonly-used workforce collaboration and messaging tools is a natural next step of providing contact centre agents with enterprise-connected, self-directed shift management. Chatbots are becoming an effective and desired means for both consumer and enterprise interaction. Mila’s integration with Slack gives both in-office and remote employees their own workforce personal assistant right at their fingertips.”

Mila’s move into social-based collaboration and messaging creates a wealth of new functionality, including easier file sharing, a richer media experience, simpler integration and a more intuitive user interface. Moreover, the chatbot’s features easily extend beyond workforce management; they can also be used in training, onboarding and human resources in the future.

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