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Performance management tools need culture integration

Adopting the latest technology is essential for call centres to be successful. However, when it comes to performance management tools such as software, there are a few common mistakes that companies tend to make. One of these is failing to properly integrate it into an organisation’s culture, thereby greatly reducing the tool’s efficiency and potential benefits.

Bringing about change in the workplace can be extremely difficult in general, and this is especially true for telephone answering services. Long-standing agents may be wary of trying new tools and processes, so simply rolling out a new performance management solution is unlikely to return the benefits that many executives seek. Therefore, call centres must take the time to properly embed technology into their firm’s culture.

Creating the right culture around new tech goes much further than simply informing agents of its existence. For example, in many scenarios, dedicated teams or a specific executive should be assigned to oversee the implementation of solutions and bring about a change in culture. Agents need to know why they should use a tool and how it makes their lives easier in addition to being given instructions on new processes.

With the right purpose and planning, performance management tools can offer call centres significant productivity and efficiency gains. However, it is vital that executives understand the need for cultural integration from the outset to ensure that call centre agents are equipped both physically and emotionally to use the new tools provided.

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