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PCI DSS certification achieved by Ultracomms

Call Centre 2With an increasing number of call centres utilising cloud platforms to streamline operations, it is extremely important to consider a provider’s security. Now, Ultracomms has announced that it has achieved PCI DSS Certification for its entire platform, giving telephone answering services peace of mind that all calls are secure and safeguarded.

Keeping PCI compliant with DSS is essential in the modern world, allowing companies to reassure their customers that personal data and confidential information is kept safe and away from prying eyes. With the rising trend in cloud computing, there have been some concerns regarding safety. However, thanks to Ultracomms’ latest certification, another step has been made towards assuaging users’ worries.

Using a dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) clamping technology, Ultracomms is able to completely mask any card data throughout a transaction. This means that anyone who is listening to the call is unable to hear or see sensitive data. As a result, call recording in call centres can remain safe for both customers and businesses.

Ultracomms Chairman Robert Bates explained: “As an enterprise-level provider of cloud and on-site PCI solutions for contact centres, our clients rely on us to be able to provide a secure environment for handling sensitive payment transaction information for their own customers.”

“Clients are more sensitive than ever to the potential for financial and reputational damage caused by security breaches and fraud involving payment card information,” he added, saying that the latest certification is a significant milestone for the company in its quest to offer the best standards of security and service.

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