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PCI compliance threatened by high staff attrition rates

CustomerPCI compliance is crucial for call centres. Companies must make sure that their customers’ payment details are kept safe and secure at all times. However, the notoriously high staff turnover rate that is often experienced by the telephone answering services industry could threaten such PCI adherence due to larger numbers of employees moving through the door. Therefore, it is recommended that compliance is given to a third party.

A lot of sensitive data can be relayed to call centres, with customers making transactions over the phone in addition to personal details being held on a company’s systems. In many situations, calls are recorded, and this makes it even more difficult to ensure data such as credit card details are not compromised or accidentally stored. As a result, call centres need an environment where call recording, agents, computers, networks, software and all back-end systems are synced for compliance to meet with PCI regulations.

One of the best solutions is for call centres to implement software or a service that entirely removes their need to ask for credit card details. For example, a DTMF payment solution can be utilised, allowing callers to key in their details via their telephone keypad. By masking the sounds of the keys, agents can even remain on the call without any worries about them stealing the data.

Many call centres are focussing on increasing staff retention to lower costs, but the added advantage is that it can aid PCI compliance. By utilising a cloud service or DTMF solution, customer details can remain safe.

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