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Patience and positive attitudes essential for call centre agents

Portrait of salesman with headset onFor any call centre, the recruitment process can take up a lot of time, and this problem is made even worse by the industry’s notorious low staff retention rates. Therefore, it is essential that companies put in enough time and effort to find the right members of staff, helping them to ensure agents stay with the firm for many years to come. When looking for potential candidates, it is very important to choose people who demonstrate patience and a positive attitude.

In the telephone answering services workplace, agents have to contend with a myriad of tasks. They are the frontline of customer services and have to deal with both pleasing and appeasing consumers. Individuals have to be versatile and have a strong skill set so they can deal whatever comes at them.

Patience is one characteristic that is vital for any call centre agent. Many consumers are frustrated by the time they talk to a firm, so staff need to be understanding and allow customers to fully explain their problem before stepping in. Jumping in regardless, even though the problem might be solved quickly, can be irritating to people and make consumers feel they are not being listened to.

In addition to patience, call centre agents must have a positive attitude. Even if customers are extremely upset, using positive language and being upbeat about getting problems solved can turn a negative situation around. This can help encourage sustained brand loyalty.

When hiring agents, it is vital to look for both a positive attitude and patience. Ensuring people have these traits can help companies hang on to their staff for longer.

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