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Overseas recruitment remains a numbers game

It has been revealed that call centres based overseas continue to hire agents purely on a numbers basis, instead of looking at the actual skills required.  This can result in telephone answering services providing poor customer service, only adding to the argument that contact centres should be brought home to the UK if the best customer care is to be provided.

In the Philippines, for example, it seems that recruiting agents is focused upon attracting as many possible candidates and then hiring a percentage of those that apply.  Whilst there has been some diversification over the past few years, with a number of employers taking slightly more selective steps when choosing employees, there still remains a long way to go.  The recruitment process includes background checks and a fragmented specific skill test, but there is little afterthought to the ongoing training of agents.

The same is often true of call centres in India, and whilst overseas services continue to express that they are different from other providers because of their staff quality, many British firms fail to see the differentiation themselves.

With customer services becoming so important, so much so that consumers say they will pay more for better customer care, it is vital to ensure that telephone answering services are as good as they can possibly be.  This means, that many British companies may follow the trend of bringing their call centres back to the UK.

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