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Overcome call centre objections by neutralising negativity

Depositphotos_31549977_m-2015Most call centres have to deal with difficult customer calls on a daily basis. In fact, much of a company’s inbound traffic is often directly related to difficulties with a product or service. As a result, it is vital that agents are trained to deal with these situations in the right manner, effectively talking frustrated or angry people down and providing excellent and positive care wherever possible. One way to do this is by neutralising negative emotions quickly.

One of the most important things for telephone answering services agents to remember is that regardless of a caller’s state of mind, the ultimate aim is for a good outcome, whether it entails a replacement, a reimbursement or an answer to an enquiry. Employees need to recognise a caller’s emotional state but ensure that it does not become the conversation’s focus. To do this, call centre staff need to listen carefully to establish the real issue behind the emotion.

Once the real issue has been identified, call centres can prioritise providing a solution to this problem. Agents must not get pulled into personal beliefs, such as “What would you do?” and “How would you feel?” Instead, they must stay on point, remain calm and reassuring, and work through potential options for a resolution. Even if every possibility cannot work, it is worth considering all of them so callers can see that real effort is being made to rectify their problem.

Customers want their issues to be resolved quickly and within one call if possible. Therefore, taking the negative emotion out of a conversation can empower agents to optimise consumer care and boost first contact resolution.

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