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Outsourcing’s Future: Industry Changes Happening Now

Many companies are struggling due to the recession, necessitating changes in these companies in order for them to survive.
A US based company called PCMC is a paper company that has existed for decades. Unfortunately, in 2001 and again in 2007, the company began to struggle due to economic hardships. To counter their difficulties, they outsourced to China for their machinery. Barry-Wehmiller Companies also made a move to outsource due to the tough economy.
These companies have a new concept in mind, called global outsourcing, as a way to transform outsourcing. This may have an effect on how well call centres will work in the future for UK based companies as well as in other parts of the world. According to companies using outsourcing in this new way, corporate growth is actually bringing in more jobs for UK and US staff rather than losing jobs to overseas locations.
In the UK a new attitude regarding outsourcing is beginning. Companies are finding great efficiency and that if they do not outsource some of the business they will not survive. It is more a matter of keeping as many jobs open in the UK as possible, but also ensuring that all the jobs do not disappear. Company heads state it is a survival tactic to protect the business for the jobs they can offer UK residents, even if it means telephone answering services are sent abroad. The concept of global outsourcing is designed to help everyone including in-country workers.

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