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Outsourcing to Grow 18% in India Despite Law Changes

India projects its outsourcing industry to grow by 18% despite fears in the U.S. and U.K. markets.

India recently passed a new set of laws regarding information sharing that could affect certain sectors. However, India still feels its industry can grow by at most 18% in the coming years. The outlook is conservative and there is some bullish growth projected. Even with the fears there has been no slow down in operations. In short, it seems that India is saying it will remain offering call centres and telephone answering services for companies who are not worried about the new laws.

The new laws are changing how information can be passed between India and outside countries. India wants to ensure data protection for its consumers. It does not mean that information will stop completely from being sent to companies hiring outsourcing. All it means is that the pertinent data such as phone numbers and emails will remain in India. Companies in the United Kingdom can also feel secure about these recent law changes. They will know that consumers are getting the help they need, without the potential for their consumers’ information to be exposed.

Information that companies need to improve their products or services is still available. All that has changed is the privacy of information; which is information that companies in the United Kingdom do not need. U.K.-based companies also have in-country outsourcing options if the new laws in India do not fit their exact requirements. What is most important is that the consumer feels secure.

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