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Outsourcing Palliative Care Services to Charity

NHS Berkshire West has outsourced their palliative care services to a charity.

Businesses in need of call centre services are not the only ones that can outsource a part of their business. Prior to the last three or four years, the majority of outsourcing was based on telephone answering services. The outsourcing industry is beginning to change more and more as technology changes.

NHS Berkshire West is proving what other services can be outsourced. The NHS Care facility has decided to outsource all palliative services to a local hospice and charity. Before this move occurred, voluntary end-of-life care was provided on a local basis throughout the UK. The difference with NHS Berkshire West is that entire care services are being outsourced rather than just a few patients.

An announcement a week prior stated that any provider with the proper qualifications, whether voluntary or in the private sector, could now take over palliative care services on the basis of outsourcing. The concept is being used to transform current community programmes to one that will provide better care. It is also partially about money since there will be trusts set up for this outsourcing option.

The example of palliative care services being outsourced is just one of many more recent moves in the outsourcing industry. Cloud services, virtual assistants and virtual offices have become more important to the outsourcing industry. It will still be driven by call centre services, but the industry is expanding and growing to fit the current world requirements.

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