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Outsourcing offers significant call centre agent savings

Telephone keypad detailIn the modern world, it has become almost essential for every business to have a call centre of some type. Some brands might be tempted to set up their own service, but it can often be cheaper to outsource. This is because the true cost of call centre agents can be higher than expected.

After collating new data, Expolink has revealed just how much a single telephone answering services agent costs. This serves as a reminder that there are some hidden expenses that are not always considered. After taking everything into account, some firms might be better off outsourcing the work to industry experts.

Salary, equipment and space are all obvious factors. The average call centre agent is paid £20,023 per year, with an additional £1,280 spent on IT equipment. In addition, staff need 11 cubic metres of space in which to work, the costs of which need to be included in any budget.

Holiday cover costs also need to be considered, especially as someone working 37.5 hours or more is entitled to 28 paid days off each year. There are also pension contributions to consider. These currently average £255.10 per year, but they will increase to £382.65 from April 2019.

Employee turnover and training are also important aspects. In the call centre industry, turnover is almost 20 per cent. This means that in a team of five workers, one person is likely to leave each year. Training and recruitment costs can be significant, too, especially if a recruitment agency is used. On average, therefore, a single agent can cost £25,142 per annum; this is a considerable sum, particularly for start-ups. Therefore, outsourcing to call centre experts could provide some significant savings.



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