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Outsourcing for Gaming Industry

Babel Media is one gaming industry business that has turned to outsourcing as a solution to boost their membership.
Babel Media announced they have boosted their membership by 50% due to new workshops, presentations and one-on-one training sessions. The move was to increase the number of employees participating in pension schemes throughout the company. They created a concept called salary exchange where there was an increase to the benefits plan. This has helped employees save more in their funds. In order to offer this pension scheme, which is almost like a double pension, Babel Media had to seek outsourced options from a company willing to help with their pension scheme.
Outsourcing is not always about directly outsourcing jobs from a company. It can also be about outsourcing a particular part of the company to find help where needed, whether it is in a call centre or through pension schemes. Babel Media has proven that outsourcing even a portion of the company can be beneficial to employees, especially when it involves a partnership to create a pension scheme for savings. Companies in the gaming industry can also benefit from telephone answering services for outsourcing in order to handle the calls that come in.
In the gaming industry individuals who play are often up at all hours playing games and do not want an interruption of service. To be able to contact a gaming company outside office hours is highly important to most gamers and therefore a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week service centre is appropriate.

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