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Outsourcing Does not Have to be OverseasInternet is key to Customer Service

In today’s technological world social networks help with customer service.

In a company it is important to create a social network presence. A company not found on a popular social network may not satisfy consumers. It was found that people using social networks are interacting with companies via these platforms. It is easier for a company to understand what their clients want by using the social networking sites. About 1,024 shoppers were recently polled with regards to customer service. About 67% of those who answered stated they do like to speak with companies on the phone, but there are still 56% who use email and 16% use live chat. Social media now represents about 6% of consumers. Sending a text to companies only occurs around 4% of the time, according to the surveys.

Younger groups tend to go with the more technological options when it comes to customer service help. From the percentage figures it is clear that telephones are still being used the majority of the time for customer service calls. This makes call centres extremely important to any company. Telephone answering services are not going to become obsolete even with better options out there due to technology. While the internet does help in some way, it still comes second in relation to telephone calls. A company that wants to capture the entire market needs to offer its customers live chat, email, texting, social network pages, and definitely telephone services. It is still critically important to take that personal call, over letting it go unanswered.

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