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Outsourcing Does not Have to be Overseas

Companies in the United Kingdom are changing the outlook on what outsourcing means for their business. A few companies are outsourcing to local call centres.

Outsourcing to call centres traditionally means sending work overseas to places such as India; however, at least one British company has decided that outsourcing does not have to be sent so far away. This company is working with a new UK support centre to handle their calls. The telephone answering service is located in Burnley and will provide low office rentals and local labour for companies they work with.

The change was decided when certain costs in India increased. It was also a decision designed to show that the company was willing to give jobs to the United Kingdom. Outsourcing generally means sending work outside of the UK. With local outsourcing call centres, it means the jobs stay within the United Kingdom. For companies with consumers looking for support in the UK it can be helpful to outsource to local call centres.

However, what is most important for any company is finding the right outsourcing centre based on affordability and customer services. Your business may require more than call answering services; therefore, it is important to look at what else an outsourcing company can offer. Overseas outsourcing centres may be able to offer more, such as IT and manufacturing.

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