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Outsourcing Does not Have to be Overseas

Virtual call centre technology is becoming more important to the outsourcing industry.

Call centres are evolving since they first began. We see this with the new technologies being implemented in the call centres. Reduced costs are certainly one benefit to call centres and this is why virtual call centre technology is becoming more important to telephone answering services.

Virtual call centres use cloud computing concepts to first answer the call. The call with be automated, taking down information from the consumer on the other end of the line. As the phone calls are routed to the customer service specialist everything they need is stored in the cloud. It also means that Voice over IP (VoIP) can be used rather than the traditional telephone options.

What makes this highly important for 2011 is the recent changes in India. India’s government has just passed a law, which states that data that is in the call centres cannot be exported. With VoIP the data is with the vendor’s data centre rather than at the actual call centre premises. It allows the outsourcing to continue between the UK and India because the data is not exported, but saved with the vendor or the business that is using outsourcing services from India. It also means that people can work from home creating their own call centre. In other words, you can outsource to a home business if you need only one or two people to handle your customer service rather than an entire outsourcing centre with more than a hundred employees.

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