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Outsourcing Does not Have to be Overseas

Seasonal peaks in business affect your cash flow, especially if you depend on these peaks. It can also affect your customer service requirements, in which you may need more representatives.

Holiday times such as Christmas can increase business cash flow if you are in the product business. However, for some, holidays will create a slower cash flow. For example, a car maintenance shop may see fewer oil changes during the Christmas season because consumers are saving up for presents and spending their money on those gifts. In a toy company, however, there will be an increase in sales. The type of business you own will determine whether you need more or fewer individuals in your call centres during seasonal peaks.

There are more factors than telephone answering services to think about regarding business seasonal peaks, however. Stock and deliveries need to be increased for busier seasons. A business should have enough supplies to handle these busy periods.

Outsourcing is the same, given that it is a service. In order to handle the increased number of orders, questions about orders and other customer service needs, a company needs to have enough customer service representatives to handle the increased amount of calls.

Outsourcing can also help, depending on where the outsourcing centre is situated. During a UK holiday period it means that British residents want time off, but in an outsourcing centre outside of the UK you may be able to find more employees to handle the seasonal peak because there is not a holiday to interfere with business, though it does depends on the holiday.

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