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Outsourcing Does not Have to be Overseas

The debate as to whether or not you should outsource to call centres continues.

Outsourcing to call centres is definitely beneficial. You gain lower costs and greater efficiency with telephone answering services. The debate is often centred on the amount of jobs that are lost in the company when using call centres in places such as Bangalore. For this debate many wonder how outsourcing out of the UK can help the economy, let alone become a good practice.

There are certain truths such as job loss. This means less income for UK residents that can be given to the economy; however, the benefits of the savings that the company makes by using call centres in places such as India can help increase certain job levels. For those who have jobs at the company where phone calls have interrupted work, call centres can ensure that the more important company activities are also seen again. There is also the potential for business growth, meaning added higher paying jobs or the return of lost benefits for employees. These are benefits that help both employees and potential employees.

Most UK residents do not study for several years at university just to sit around answering phone calls. Instead, they obtain an education to be used in a specific field and call centres allow them to get back to utilising knowledge gained from their education. For businesses that are concerned about outsourcing to call centres in India or other countries, there are call centres based in the UK that help to stimulate the UK economy and provide lower level jobs to those in need.

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