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Outsourcing customer service involves very little training for agents

For many companies considering using an outsourced call centre, there may be a number of concerns.  One that often comes near the top of the list for executives is the worry they will be spending a huge amount of time and money training outsourcer agents.  However, this simply is not true, and telephone answering services can equip the business with the skills they need to get ahead.

Whilst an outsourced call centre has generic knowledge and skills, it lacks the important business fundamentals that a company may hold dear.  As such, executives worry that their products, services and customers may be put at risk by outsourcing.  In addition, many people believe that a lot of training will be involved.

However, this is far from the truth, and in the majority of cases, only initial training is required.  Outsourced call centres already have the telecommunications skills they need to provide optimum customer service.  This means it is only company knowledge that agents need, and this can be taught relatively quickly.  In addition, agent teams often utilise cheat sheets to get information quickly.  First call resolution can be increased and average holding time reduced by using such methods, without client care being compromised.

For companies thinking of outsourcing, fear of training times and costs should not be a key concern.  In the majority of cases, getting qualified consumer care experts to handle call centre operations is an extremely good idea.

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