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Outsourcing and the Legal Industry

There is a new report stating law firms are using outsourcing call centres.

Law firms are struggling due to high competition. In order to fight the various other firms out there, some law firms have decided to use outsourcing such as call centres. The survey found that telephone answering services combined with IT and human resource options are being used by certain law firms in order to deal with the high street corporations. The Legal Services Act has caused several high street corporations to consider starting up legal firms and practices. Tesco, The Co-operative and WH Smith have all reportedly decided to offer legal services for the first time.

Smaller law firms are highly concerned that they will not be able to keep up unless they change their tactics. Smaller law firms often deal with accounting, finance, and consumer based services whereas bigger firms take on third party cases and large corporations similar to themselves. Bigger law firms do farm out work to some of the smaller firms when their caseload is too big, meaning that they do outsource some of the work they have.

It seems that the entire law industry is going to join in the concept of outsourcing in various ways. Smaller firms will gain from outsourcing from larger firms. The smaller firms will also be taking on some outsourcing, such as IT and call centres, to keep up with their consumers in an easier manner and more akin to larger firms. Basically, smaller firms want to be available to their clients whenever possible to keep up with the competition.

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