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Outsource your calls for peak seasons

Anticipation for the Olympics has many retail companies wondering if they will be busier this season.  Most rental accommodation and many hotels in London are already booked.  This means that in preparation for the Olympics those offering accommodation, for example, have had to deal with increased calls creating a “peak” in their customer service call needs.

If your company is small you might find it necessary to have a call centre on standby to handle your different customer calls.  It is especially important to have someone available 24/7 in today’s times because many people work overnight, odd hours and at weekends.  It can be difficult to get a call through if the company is only open from 9 to 5.  Telephone answering services help with this 24/7 need.  They can also help when you have a peak season with more incoming calls, such as this summer, with the UK hosting the Olympics.  Rather than being stuck without enough representation it can be better to go with a more affordable call centre to take up the slack.

Additionally, it can help if you know why people might be calling.  Sometimes a call requires quick action, while others are more about questions and long conversations.  If you can prioritise your phone calls such as those that are more of an emergency situation you can begin to have better customer service.  Telephone answering services can help you determine what a call is about in order to help eliminate some of the problems you might have faced in the past.  Sometimes people just call to talk rather than have an emergency, thus prioritising can help.

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