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Out of hours message taking services

Most offices work between the core hours of 9 and 5 with perhaps little cover at all other times. As many other businesses also operate between these hours, a company will not normally be concerned that a client or another business will try to contact them out of these normal working hours. However, as business becomes more global the differing time zones create problems for those customers or clients who may want to get in contact with you out of normal working hours.

If you use telephone answering services to take your calls when you are out of the office, your customers and clients will always have a real person to speak to instead of an answering machine. Call centres can handle all these types of calls and because they use highly trained personnel who are briefed about your business, in many cases they will be able to deal with the request or answer the question in detail.

Some businesses use telephone answering services like a virtual receptionist so there appears to be someone in the office at all times, even when the office is closed. The calls can be seamlessly be diverted to the answering service centre where they can be dealt with effortlessly by the call centre staff. You can even choose what type of reply to leave if a certain person calls. Your virtual receptionist will either email you the details of the calls or let you know who called by SMS – the choice is yours.

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