GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Out of hours client enquires solved

A business is only successful if it can meet customer standards and expectations in every product that it sells. Many businesses are based on reputation alone, so when a customer receives a poor level of service, the business may lose an undetermined amount of business because they will not receive work from future recommendations.

The recommendations and hence profit you receive from clients can make up a large part of your business, so you need to do things properly. And one of the things that can really make a difference is your customer being able to speak to a “real person” quickly, instead of being held in a queue or having to send an email and await a response.

If your business cannot support a dedicated phone query line or the number of queries you receive does not warrant an additional member of staff, you can instead use a telephone answering service.

A telephone answering service will have trained professionals waiting to answer your calls 24/7. This means you will never miss a lead, your customers will believe you want to keep in touch with them and any problems a customer has will be quickly solved, boosting your all important reputation.

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