GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Our call centre services now includes Social Media monitoring and engagement

At Go Response we don’t just offer the normal call center services like 24/7 call answering and virtual receptionists. We go above and beyond to ensure we can offer our clients the most well-rounded service, covering all bases of their businesses.

One of our newest business call center services is our ‘social media monitoring and engagement service’. In a technology-fuelled world where conducting business through social media networks is becoming increasingly common, we have taken up the gauntlet and are now able to assist clients with all their social media needs.

The benefits of incorporating social media into companies marketing strategies are endless… but the only reason we know this is because companies are starting to track and monitor how their effective their social media engagement really is… and thats exactly what Go Reponse can now do for you!

To get a better idea of metrics you need should you choose to monitor usage and engagement yourself, take a look at this funky infographic illustrating exactly that….

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