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Orange staff offered “different” relocation package

Call centre staff at telecommunications giant Orange have been offered an unusual relocation package. The firm, which has recently merged with T-Mobile, is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and is offering its call centre staff a relocation package to Manila in the Philippines.

Due to the merger of the two telecommunications companies, the firm now have three call centres in the north east of England, so want to streamline operations. They have asked 40 nightshift workers if they would consider the move from Darlington to the tropical archipelago and have offered the incentive of a rice allowance and a monthly laundry allowance as part of the package.

Orange came under fire after the initial proposal and have said that they have not asked their staff to move to Manila, but the company stated that a number of staff had actually shown a genuine interest, and the company had a “duty of care” to discuss the move with them.

The capital of the Philippines sees a tropical wet and dry climate with a wet season from May to December. The city does suffer from high levels of pollution however, so if any staff choose to relocate they will need to take this into consideration.

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