GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Opting for a virtual PA

There are different options for a virtual PA.  Some will work freelance from home and this is the service that many people may be more familiar with.  However, there are virtual PA services available within call centres.  In some ways the work that they do is the same.  They can answer the phone and take messages, organise a diary and arrange appointments.  The client is able to build a relationship with the PA, removing the image that many call centres project as being nameless and faceless.

Offering a telephone answering service can be of great benefit to many businesses and a virtual PA will also be able to build a relationship with customers.  This can also help to improve the image of the call centre.  Most customers will never know that they have been connected to a telephone answering service, they will assume that a receptionist or customer service clerk within the client’s business is taking the call.

For small businesses the main benefit is to save money.  The service is charged per call after a set up fee – no full-time salary and office overheads.  The client is able to choose how messages are communicated to them and with regular and ongoing contact between the PA and the client the service can be adapted as and when needed.  In addition, this type of service can be offered around the clock so that there is no need to worry about dealing with calls outside normal office hours.

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