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Optimise security by understanding cloud provider features

Moving call centre operations to the cloud is becoming increasingly common. Even though everyone might be jumping on the bandwagon, it is essential to follow best practices to safeguard businesses and consumers. When it comes to security, therefore, asking providers the right questions will mean that data security priorities can be properly aligned between brands and third parties.

Traditionally, data security was based on how telephone answering services teams used and stored information. However, when a third-party cloud provider is added to the mix, it is vital to confirm that everyone is on the same page when it comes to protecting people’s details. As part of any call centre operation, it is crucial for various departments to easily access data. When this is moved to the cloud, companies must consider how to safeguard this extra layer.

To ensure data is kept safe, call centres should first speak to cloud providers and determine whether security meets their requirements. Then, data compliance maps should be created, with executives identifying all the various touch points within cloud deployments. Finally, an expert Data Compliance Officer should be enlisted to ensure that plans are approved before going ahead.

Moving into the cloud can generate a lot of savings and even provide additional income for brands to improve their service. However, safeguarding data becomes even more important because third parties are involved. Getting this security right can save a brand’s reputation and show consumers that firms prioritise keeping their personal details safe.

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