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Optimise customer services in six weeks with FAN strategy

Call centres across the country face the daunting task of achieving customer service levels that fulfil the modern demands and expectations of consumers. This is not always easy, especially when customers are now more empowered than ever before. For telephone answering services that wish to bring about real change in just six weeks, a good acronym to live by is FAN.
FAN stands for Find, Action, Nice Touch, and call centres and businesses can use this simple formula when engaging with consumers. When conducting a conversation, agents should attempt to “Find” and understand the root of the problem. This often means going deeper than a consumer’s initial question to discover the original cause of an issue.

After this, the “Action” part of the equation should take place, with call centres identifying the proper course of action, agreeing upon it with the customer, and making sure the business delivers on its promise.

Finally, a “Nice touch” should be added. This can be as simple as a follow-up call that is personalised to the caller. However, companies should always be on the lookout for new ways to wow their audience.

Turning around poor customer services or even taking care to the next level is not always easy, and it is rarely quick. It can take a lot of time and effort to develop a consistently high level of care. However, by putting the FAN strategy in place, businesses can start to deliver what their consumers expect and enjoy rising levels of service quality in the process.

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