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Optimise customer experience with automation and live agent mix

As call centres grow, it can be extremely tempting to integrate increasing levels of technology to boost the automation potential of a business. Whilst this can offer benefits, it is important that firms do not forget that live agents also play an important role in optimising the quality of consumer care. To provide the best experience, a mix of both automation and live agent interaction is essential.

New research by Yonder found that boosting consumer loyalty falls firmly on the shoulders of live agents. Among the 1,000 consumers in the UK who were questioned, it was found that 84 per cent agreed that a combined human and automated approach to customer services not only increased their loyalty, but also their spending.

Harnessing the power of technology can be a great asset for telephone answering services, and it certainly caters for consumers who want to help themselves. Self-service options, for example, can ensure customers are not tied to only contacting a business when live agents are available. This can improve the experience and allow people to handle regular and simple tasks, such as paying a bill, whenever they wish.

However, it should not be used to replace agents, especially when findings show that 87 per cent of people say they will purchase from a business again if live agent interactions are provided. Meanwhile, 69 per cent would go elsewhere if they needed to speak to someone and there was no response.

Automation certainly has its place in the call centre environment. However, managers must be careful not to allow it to take over as human interaction remains an important part of the customer experience for many consumers.

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