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Optimise agents to improve efficiency

performance level conceptual meterIf a business is to succeed in the modern, ever-changing market, it is essential that every aspect is optimised, from sales operations to backroom administration. Even though call centres often think about upgrading and streamlining software, it is important not to forget that agents are also good resources. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure worker efficiency if positive gains are to be seen.

There are many ways to make agents more productive. One method is to give workers as much information as possible at the beginning of the call. When people are working at a telephone answering services centre, they rely on the data presented. By utilising intelligent interactive voice response (IVR), callers can be identified and any relevant data can immediately be sent to agents. This gives frontline staff more time to spend engaging with people instead of asking for details such as names, addresses, and order numbers.

As part of this process, call centres need to ensure a data tool is available to present all information on the desktop in a simple way. Even if IVR is used to provide data quickly, a lot of time can be wasted if agents have to wade through multiple screens. Instead, screens should be de-cluttered and simplified to optimise agents’ actions. This will also allow for better customer services to be provided, boosting overall company production in the process.

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