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OpinionLab acquired by Verint

Voice bubbleThe Customer Engagement Optimisation portfolio of Verint is set to enjoy an expansion after the firm acquired one of the software leaders in voice of the customer (VoC) listening tools. OpinionLab offers a solution that is capable of driving innovative, smart real-time digital engagement. By using these VoC features, Verint will be able to provide its customers with even better operational optimisation.

For call centres across the country, being able to bring customers an optimised service is essential for maintaining positive branding and a good reputation. Solutions that utilise VoC are becoming increasingly important to telephone answering services as a way to help measure and then enhance the loyalty, satisfaction and experiences of consumers.

Verint’s President of Customer Engagement Solutions, Elan Moriah, said: “Capturing, analyzing and acting on the voice of the customer are critical for any organization in any industry. With the OpinonLab combination, we’re taking voice of the customer to a new level by giving organizations a complete solution for improving the customer experience across engagement channels.”

By using the tools from Verint and OpinionLab in combination, call centres will be able to benefit from a variety of features to boost efficiency. Firstly, Enterprise Feedback Management will provide companies with a way to analyse the relationships between a firm and its employees and customers. Speech analytics tools can help get insights from voice interactions, whilst social and text analytics will offer intelligent data from interactions on platforms such as web chat, social media, email and customer forums. All of these approaches should help brands optimise their consumer care.

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