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Open offices could reduce time spent in meetings

Office work has changed tremendously over the past few decades, with today’s workers spending much of their time in an open office plan. In addition, many firms have implemented hot-desking to maximise space. These environments might not be embraced by many call centre agents, but research has found that they could reduce the amount of time spent conducting another dreaded workplace activity: meetings.

For many telephone answering services workers, meetings are not looked upon fondly. Data has shown that up to 15 per cent of a company’s collective time is spent enduring meetings, despite many workers saying they diminish productivity levels. They can also interfere with scheduling, especially in busy call centres where phones and social platforms need to be constantly manned.

It has now been reported that the more time people spend in an open office socialising with colleagues, the less time they spend in meetings. In fact, it was found that those who actively socialise spend five fewer hours in long meetings.

The research should not come as a complete surprise, but it does highlight the fact that open offices are extremely good for knowledge sharing and collaboration. By offering a place where agents can constantly reach out to colleagues for help, gather information and debate, less time needs to be scheduled for meetings.

Open offices are likely to continue being impersonal, noisy and chaotic places, but they do have some benefits. Many call centre workers loathe being pulled into meetings, so embracing the positive aspects of open offices is a worthwhile step.

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