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Only 22 per cent of customers connect on first attempt

Frustrating Phone Conversation

Despite call centres across the UK placing a high priority on customer services and providing people with a high-quality consumer experience, new research has shown that only 22 per cent of people manage to connect their call on the first attempt. This means that many companies could be frustrating customers before they have even had a chance to talk to them.

New data from 8×8 shows that just one in five customers manage to get their call answered on the first attempt, which indicates that firms are losing many potential consumer calls. It was also discovered that 35 per cent of those callers are new customers, so call centres could be losing huge numbers of new leads.

However, even when callers connect, telephone answering services could still be losing their business. For example, it was discovered that 12 per cent of people actually search online for competitors during a call, with this figure rising to 26 per cent for those aged between 25 and 34. Meanwhile, 91 per cent of people say they have experienced bad phone service, and 11 per cent will share details on social media in real time of a poorly handled call.

8×8’s UK Managing Director, Kevin Scott-Cowell, said: “A business only has one chance to make a great first impression and getting off on the wrong foot can destroy the customer relationship for good. That starts by making sure new customer calls are answered first time. With the right technology in place, it can be easy for businesses to make sure calls are routed to a manned phone and appropriately-skilled agent so new customers are never left to competitors.”

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