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Online shoppers need personal services

For many call centres, dealing with incoming contacts is only one challenge; proactively engaging with shoppers, some of whom may be on company websites, is another big part of the job. Many of these people might need help with their transactions and will leave their shopping baskets if they do not get the answers they need. In such cases, it is essential that people receive personal service to make them feel valued.

New research shows that 80 per cent of people place a high value on receiving personal service when shopping online. This goes to show that telephone answering services must be ready to offer human interactions in real time, whether this is via webchat or social media channels.

The iAdvize research also showed that 40 per cent of people only give retailers ten minutes to reply to their questions before abandoning their purchase. Furthermore, 22 per cent give only five minutes for companies to respond with an adequate answer.

iAdvize Chief Executive Julien Hervouët said: “As e-commerce growth continues at a rapid rate, we are witnessing more demand than ever before for retailers to instantly engage with the customer wherever and whenever they need information. As a result we have seen growing popularity for channels such as messaging apps and social media.”

This research clearly shows the importance for call centres to integrate real-time digital channels into their strategy if they want to provide consumers with the service that is expected. By doing so, more people could potentially complete their transactions, thereby increasing the company’s bottom line.

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