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Online retailers found to offer best customer care standards

In new research, it has been shown that online retailers offer the best standards of care for consumers.  Aspect Software said that 20% of customers said they received the best care from retailers operating on the internet.  In addition, 79% were satisfied with the service they had received.  With customer care being so important, it is essential that all call centres provide the best experience possible.

In their latest study, Aspect Software revealed that not one respondent said that they had been dissatisfied with an online retailer’s customer care.  This compares to the telecommunications market where almost 10% of people had bad experiences.  Also, in addition to a lack of dissatisfaction, only 2% remembered a negative experience in the past year, indicating just how good the retail sector is at fixing people’s problems.

Aspect Software’s Senior Vice President of Europe and Africa, Mark King, said: “The modern British consumer is demanding more and more from the customer service they receive.  With the competition just one click away, online retailers are having to engage with us shopaholics through a variety of channels, and it’s clear to see that in terms of giving consumers want, online retailers are setting the standards for other organisations.”

The standard being set by online retailers is something that all telephone answering services will want to emulate.  Providing good customer care ensures that consumers have a good experience, increasing the chances of later sales and referrals.

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