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Online queries must not be ignored

In the modern world, call centres have had no option but to diversify, providing additional channels of communication to traditional telephone lines, such as email, webchat and social media. However, it is vital that telephone answering services continue to monitor all their platforms so that queries and complaints aren’t missed.

If there is one sure way to frustrate consumers, it is to ignore their questions. In new findings, it has been shown that just 15 per cent of Britain’s leading firms actually respond to tweets. In addition, the average response time for 64 per cent of firms was over an hour. This is a huge failure when it comes to the speed at which social media progresses.

In the survey, which questioned more than 2,000 adults in the UK, just ten per cent were found to make complaints online because they knew they were unlikely to get an online response. 62 per cent of consumers make formal complaints via email. Meanwhile, though many would prefer to vent online, 46 per cent use the telephone to share their anger and frustration.

David Turner, an expert in the online social media sector, said: “People now expect to be able to contact companies through multiple channels, switching between them at their convenience. However, our report suggests while many businesses have developed new channels in response to customer demand, many still fall short of delivering effective customer support through them.”

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