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Online channels are not replacing call centre requirement

In the modern era, the number of ways that consumers can communicate with companies is higher than ever.  Social media, email and web chat have all become popular tools to be added to call centre operations, allowing agents to converse with clients in a number of ways.  However, despite there being a myth that multichannel options are replacing telephone answering services, this is simply not the case.

In reality, call centre options remain incredibly important to consumers.  When figures are looked at for telephone answering services in the UK, the numbers are stark; the average traffic dealt with by centres is 80.8% calls and 19.2% email.  This means that the average operator is handling around 200,000 emails each year.  When this is compared to the amount of call traffic, it is still, by far, a minority.

Whilst email is significant, other data for dealing with social media contacts has been found to be so small that it does not even require a full time employee to handle it.  However, this is not to say that call centres should not take social media seriously; they should.  But it does reveal that despite many people thinking that social media is the way forwards, the vast majority of consumers still prefer to call telephone answering services and talk with an operator.  In addition, if companies want to switch to email with increasing priority, it is vital to increase response times, for the current average turnaround time of 18 hours is simply too long to have any long-standing positive customer effect.

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