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On-shore call centres must address customer service

There is a common belief that on-shore call centres offer a much improved service to those based abroad.  However, this might not always been true, and British telephone answering services must stay organised if they are to keep offering a high quality customer service.

Many prejudices surround off-shore call centres, with a lot of people believing that although they are cheaper, the quality is not as high.  However, a recent study compared two call centres; one in Wales and the other in South Africa.  It was shown that the South African centre had a higher first-call resolution than Wales.  Despite this, customers still scored the off-shore location lower for perceived knowledge.  In contrast, when emails were studied instead, a case where agent accents don’t affect customer opinions, it was found that the differences in quality between a UK-based and an Indian-based call centre are far smaller.  For example, out of 20,000 surveys, there were 36% and 40% of very dissatisfied consumers for the UK and India respectively.  This shows only a 4% difference; far smaller than many people might imagine.

The results clearly show that whilst the perception of overseas call centres is bad, agents in off-shore operations are actually keeping their customer care around the same level as Britain.  For UK-based telephone answering services this means that customer care must continue to be a high priority for companies wanting to ensure a streamlined, loyal and positive customer image.

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