Omnichannel recording solution released by NICE

NICE has revealed a new platform that will allow call centres to provide their customers with a seamless omnichannel experience. The NICE Engage Platform will incorporate social media channels, such as Facebook Messenger, in order to facilitate digital interactions and simplify operations.

NICE has become one of the leading omnichannel recording solutions available, allowing telephone answering services to access next-generation technology to help meet their customers’ expectations. The newest Engage Platform offers a variety of useful features, including the ability to provide a highly scalable platform ready to be used with any channel. This means Engage can help call centres reduce their overall IT operational expenses.

Meanwhile, the solution applies advanced compliance practices and policies across every channel to reduce risks and liability whilst adhering to regulatory guidelines. Finally, the tool allows for a complete digital transformation, with quality management and analytical methodologies traditionally used for voice now extended to digital channels.

NICE Enterprise Product Group President Miki Migdal said: “With the latest release of NICE Engage, we are strengthening our commitment to simplifying processes and experiences, empowering users, and facilitating digital interactions. We are proud to deliver the leading, most inclusive omnichannel solution, which will play a pivotal role in helping organisations reinvent customer service.”

With more customers expecting a seamless and excellent experience regardless of which platform their journey starts on, it is vital for call centres to deliver consistent high quality. By using tools such as NICE’s Engage Platform, organisations will be in a better position to meet people’s demands.

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