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Omnichannel benchmarking tool released by Genesys

business hand clicking omni channel buttonOne of the leaders in providing omnichannel customer experience solutions, Genesys, has unveiled a new online tool that will allow companies to check the status of their systems. By answering nine questions, call centres can assess whether their current omnichannel offerings are up to scratch. This should help companies shape and expand their integrations to provide consumers with increasingly better services.

The new digital assessment tool is licensed by Forrester Research, and it can help telephone answering services ensure their omnichannels are ready to provide optimised customer experiences. The solution also offers guidance on how to improve a firm’s existing omnichannel offering. In the digital era, when ensuring every step of a customer’s journey is exceptional, providing an integrated omnichannel is becoming ever more important.

Genesys’ Senior Vice President of Marketing, Lisa Kost, explained: “Given today’s digital economy, customer experience has emerged as a key competitive brand differentiator. It’s increasingly critical for companies to deliver effortless, omnichannel experiences. This tool will help companies baseline their omnichannel customer service operations and identify strengths and opportunities for growth.”

Meanwhile, a related report from Forrester Research revealed that the best customer services experiences are achieved by skilled and motivated front line agents who have access to well-designed technologies and business processes. The “Assess Customer Service Capabilities to Pinpoint Opportunities for Better Service” paper also expressed that achieving an efficient cross-channel integration can be extremely challenging and needs a solid architectural approach. By using the latest tool, call centres can optimise their current efforts for better business.

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