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Offshore Contact Centres for Your Industry

Ovum has completed research about offshore contact centres.

Businesses have a decision with regards to telephone answering services to make. A business needs to decide if call centres are the right option for their customer service management. In the past there has been a huge debate as to whether or not it is a viable and safe option. A recent study by Ovum has again looked at the advantages and disadvantages of offshore call centres. They found that some of the advantages are decreasing as companies move into local or in-country locations to try and ease some of the issues or fears off shore centres have provided in the past.

A lot of the companies recently polled said they are looking in-country for outsourcing means over the next 12 to 14 months. They are no longer planning to use call centres or IT in a different country. There are certainly benefits to looking in-country. For example, the jobs stay in the UK, but the centres still look to hire appropriately trained customer service representatives. They also hire call centres that have 24/7 services to ensure that the customer can still reach someone at any time of the day or night.

Much of the change in off shore contact centres is with IT. Companies have decided it is better to keep IT in-country, but it also means that call centres change since many companies need both call answering services and IT.

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