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Offering omnichannel caters for modern millennials

OmnichannelCustomers come from all walks of life, and it is a call centre’s job to ensure they can meet the demands and expectations of their core consumer audience. To address the needs of modern millennials, it is becoming increasingly important to provide an omnichannel offering, allowing customers to move seamlessly through various platforms as part of the consumer journey.

Modern telephone answering services can take several steps to boost service levels for millennials, the generation of people born between the late 1990s and early 2000s. Providing self-service options and developing mobile optimisation are both important. However, these need to be backed up by a carefully planned omnichannel presence to ensure that customers cannot fall through the gaps.

If a person contacts a brand on Twitter, for example, it is essential their query can be moved onto other platforms, such as webchat or telephone, without the need for repeatedly providing information and personal details.

It is no longer enough for call centres to simply have a presence on each platform. Instead, everything must be integrated. Optimising staff skills is an essential part of this. Some employees are better equipped to handle webchat and email, for example, whilst others have the right experience to excel on social media.

Any true omnichannel strategy will allow companies to track key metrics across channels. This means that data such as average handling time, call outcomes and first contact resolution can be measured over the entire consumer journey and not just a portion of the overall interaction. When this is done successfully, both the customer and the company can benefit.

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