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Ofcom to tackle rogue call centres

Call centres can be a vital part of any business, offering customers a place to talk to experienced staff about problems or queries.  However, there are a number of centres that work off the books and can become an annoyance to consumers.  Now, Ofcom has said that it is to tackle these rogue businesses, ensuring that customers only receive the calls that they want.

Outsourcing work to a telephone answering service can be an ideal way for businesses to utilise experts to help with customer service.  However, it is crucial that the right company is chosen and that bad practices aren’t conducted.  In a new report from Ofcom, it was shown that 47% of people with a landline experienced a silent call during a six month period in 2012.  This had increased from the 24% in 2011, showing that the nuisance of automated dialling systems is increasing.  Meanwhile, for the same six-month period, 63% of people said they had received a recorded marketing message, whilst 71% of customers had received a marketing call.

With Ofcom actively looking at tackling the problem, it will be important for companies wanting to outsource their call centre work to place more scrutiny upon a telephone answering services’ methodology.  Ofcom will be working closely with the industry in 2013 to reduce nuisance calls, and for businesses wanting to project a positive brand image, only call centres that don’t participate in silent calls or automated dialling should be utilised.

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